Choosing The Correct Calculator For Your Transaction

Reverse Mortgage: This advanced calculator automatically determines the correct MRT and Title Premium based on minimal user input. This unique calculator is essential when dealing with the multiple variables this distinctive product requires.

Refinance: This calculator now calculates our new lower Reissue Rate on all qualifying refinance transactions! Choose this calculator if your transaction requires any one of our long or short form ALTA policies and the same owner is substituting a new first mortgage for an existing mortgage(s), or paying off a contract for deed.

Sale: Choose this calculator if your transaction involves the transfer of land from the seller to a bona fide purchaser. In a sale transaction the Reissue Credit may apply if we are supplied with a complete copy of an existing Owner's Policy, covering the same land as the new proposed insured. This calculator is not to be used when the transaction involves paying off a Contract for Deed. When paying off a Contract for Deed use the Refinance calculator.

Junior: Choose this calculator if your transaction is a second or first mortgage and the coverage provided by the ALTA Residential Limited Coverage Junior Loan Policy is Sufficient.