Reverse Mortgages


more and more people are realizing the benefits of safely utilizing the equity they have created in their homes. As this part of the mortgage industry grows, so does the need for qualified loan officers and experienced title insurance companies.

Gibraltar Title Agency

has been closing Reverse Mortgage loans for well over a decade. This is a claim that we are proud to make, because we guarantee that you will not find a staff with more experience and knowledge anywhere in the Twin Cities.

Being Innovative

in a traditionally unchanged industry means finding new ways of being flexible. We realize that sometimes there is a need for special attention and flexibility when closing a reverse Mortgage. Gibraltar Title has the staff necessary to meet the needs of any borrower. Bringing the closing to a location more accessible to the borrower or keeping one of our offices open later, are just a couple of examples of how we will work harder to accommodate most every request.


Want an estimate on Reverse Mortgage fees, including Premium and MRT? Check out our new Reverse Mortgage Calculator. Exclusively at Gibraltar Title Agency (Here)

pdfTake a brief look at some key points of Reverse Mortgage History(Here)


On Time & On Track

Means keeping in tune with every party involved in the closing. When closing loans for retired couples, one concern stands out more than any other, saving money. From the first Reverse Mortgage we closed nearly twelve years ago, until the most recent, Gibraltar Title Agency has never charged a recording service fee, and we do not charge an extra closing fee. We don't even charge a special fee for necessary endorsements.