Title Insurance

Title insurance provides protection to owners and lenders against problems and losses caused by defects in title. In many ways it is very different from other forms of insurance. It is often said that title insurance is retrospective rather than prospective. We insure the current status of title so our focus is on elimination of title problems. Our intention is to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of our policy holders encountering any difficulties relating to the title to their property. We understand, however, that in spite of the research we conduct before issuing a policy, not all title defects can be discovered through research. "Hidden" risks such as fraud, forgery, courthouse errors and a variety of unrecorded interests can cause the most serious problems and present some of the best reasons to purchase title insurance.

Each party to a transaction must have a policy to be covered. The Lenders Title Insurance policy that your lender requires you to purchase provides no protection to you as the owner. The purchase of a home is the largest single investment most people ever make. If you are buying a home, protect your investment by purchasing Owners Title Insurance.


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